WIGGENtech plans “4-day week” pilot project to start on February 01, 2023

A majority of Germans have long wanted the four-day week in order to have more time for family and hobbies. In order to meet this demand, WIGGENtech GmbH is planning a pilot project at the beginning of 2023 to implement the 4-day week, which means working only four days a week instead of five. The employees selected for the pilot project will then reach their weekly working hours in 4 days. This means more time off with the same weekly working hours with an extended weekend.

“For us, it’s important to increase employee satisfaction by giving employees more time off for family and hobbies, and less critical over what period of the week they work.” I am absolutely convinced of the new working time approach comments Dr. Wiggen, Managing Partner of WIGGENtech the new working time model approach.

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