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The production of turned parts and fasteners is 100% a matter of trust: because our customers expect high-precision economic results, guaranteed delivery quantities and times, and a quality managementsystem that functions seamlessly. This is what we stand for with our inimitable combination of decades of expertise and the innovative spirit of a startup. This was made possible by the takeover and spin-off of the bar turning division of Hella GmbH & Co KG a.A.,  from which the new company WIGGENtech GmbH was founded.

Our customers are active in a wide range of business areas and rely on the high quality of our turned parts and fasteners. You too can build on our experience and get to know our products and services. In addition to the production of turned parts and fasteners, this also includes surface coating and further finishing, outsourcing of the entire value chain, development of your components by our engineers, contract sorting and supply chain management.

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We live quality management as an integrated part of our daily work.

Quality management at WIGGENtech is not an end in itself, but guarantees the assurance of the required quality requirements of our customers.

The following quality principles determine our actions as the foundation of the entire value chain:

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Innovations, discoveries and social changes define our working world today.

Rethinking, rethinking and thinking differently is required at WIGGENtech and is a central component of our corporate culture.

We live by the principle: “Only when you are open to change do you have the opportunity to really make a difference”.