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Production of turned parts and fasteners

We are the experts for the precise production of turned parts and fasteners. With our modern machinery we are able to manufacture a wide variety of products such as hollow domes, shift rods, ball pivots or completely individual designs of turned parts in convincing quality and high quantities with short delivery times for you. We guarantee high quality results in the three turning processes CNC multi-spindle turning for articles from 5mm to 32mm diameter, CNC short turning and CNC long turning for articles from 4mm to 42mm diameter.

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Special screws

There are screws in a wide variety of designs. For some applications, you need very special screws that differ from the standard in shape or texture. We manufacture special screws according to your specifications in the usual high quality.

Banjo bolts

Banjo bolts are convincing in many areas of application. We produce banjo bolts mainly for our customers in the automotive supplier sector. Banjo bolts are used, for example, to fasten headlights in passenger cars.


Our bushings are installed in a wide variety of designs in many modules and components. A frequent area of application is the overmolding of bushings in the field of plastic injection molding technology, e.g. in the application as injection bushings / inserts.

Fittings and contact elements

Our connection or contact terminals, which are additionally silver-plated depending on the application, are central components, for example, in tail lights in the field of agricultural vehicles. In addition, we also manufacture screw fittings for the electronics industry.


An adapter is a particularly useful component and is always used when one standardized component does not want to fit onto the other. Adapters are available from us in a wide variety of sizes and designs for all industrial sectors.

Ball stud

Ball studs are components used in the connection of angle joints. They provide a secure hold and allow full mobility in the joint due to their geometric shape. Ball studs are frequently used in the passenger car sector for headlamp levelling.

Shift rods

Our shift rods are used particularly frequently in the field of agricultural vehicle construction. Here they serve as central connecting components for operating turn signal levers and windshield wipers.

Joint pieces

Our joint pieces stand out due to their smooth surfaces and particularly tight tolerances. The articulated joints are often used in the passenger car sector for headlamp levelling and in a wide range of industrial applications.

Coupling rods

No bend without a coupling rod! This component is used in vehicle construction as a connecting element of servomotors, among other things. It also minimizes the vehicle’s tendency to roll, thus ensuring the necessary stability when cornering.

Sample and prototype production

Sometimes you have to go new ways to get where you want to go. If the standardized turned parts cannot be used, then it is time for the production of a prototype. You can rely on our innovative spirit here.

Individual turned parts/all-time requirements

You need turned parts that are different from all others? From the first sample production to series production, we offer you the best solution that fits your application. Furthermore, we are also happy to manufacture items for you that have long left the EOP behind. You determine the all-time quantity and we manufacture and store your products. You can then conveniently call up your customer requirements from us. Contact us!

Spare parts production

We have a wide range of options available for spare parts production. We assemble, turn, drill, mill, roll, anneal, harden and galvanize your assemblies. If we are not able to realize your wish in our house, we fall back on one of our powerful partners.

# Machinery CNC multispindle

  • Quantity: 5
  • Manufacturer: DMG-Mori, IMG, GWM
  • Movement: rotationally symmetrical
  • Spindles: 6
  • Part geometry: profile and round
  • Part diameter: 4 to 32 mm
  • Length max.: 100 mm

#Machinery cam-controlled multispindle

  • Quantity: 7
  • Manufacturer: Gildemeister , Mori-Say, GWM
  • Movement: rotationally symmetrical
  • Spindles: 6
  • Part geometry: profile and round
  • Part diameter: 2 to 26 mm

#Machinery CNC Long-short-turn

  • Quantity: 4
  • Manufacturer: Star, Tornos, Ergomat
  • Movement: rotationally symmetrical
  • Spindles: 1
  • Part geometry: round
  • Part diameter: 3 to 42 mm
  • Length max.: 320 mm

# Further machinery

  • Eubama rotary plate machine
  • Tornos gate 4 bar diameter: 1.4 – 5 mm
  • CCT optical sorters: 2
  • Cleaning equipment  Pero R1: 1
  • Trowal machine: 1 
  • Conv. Lathe: 1
  • Milling machine: 1
  • Eccentric press: 1
  • Fully automatic band saw machine Kasto SSB 260: 1
  • pillar drilling machines: 5


All areas of the company work according to the highest quality standards and are integrated in the quality management system. Since August 2022 we are DIN ISO 9001 certified.

Our newly equipped metrology test laboratory, consisting of 3-D Wenzel measuring machine, Keyence measuring projector, VICI measuring machine and a large number of probes, dial gauges and micrometers is the guarantee for your quality requirements.


Automotive, fittings, electronics, household appliances, construction or hardware industries – all these industries use our high-quality fasteners and turned parts. We can produce your articles from steel with or without lead, harden stainless steels as well as treat them galvanically or produce them completely individually according to your requirements. Together with us everything is possible. Just get in touch with us!

Other materials and alloys

From wire special profiles to hexagonal and square bars to special profiles. Whether brass, aluminum, copper or special alloys: We are your partner for all materials and alloys.
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