Precision work with the highest standards
Fasteners "Made in Germany
Precision turned parts without compromise
Our passion and performance are your added value
We set standards in reliability and delivery capability

Customized production services

Outsourcing: Our "one stop shopping" services.

Put your entire value chain, from purchasing goods to shipping, in reliable and professional hands. We produce and manufacture partial and complete assemblies of mechanical, electrical or electromechanical components on your behalf in our own production and storage facilities. This gives you maximum flexibility and efficiency. They set the specifications and determine the scope and depth of value creation.

Everything is possible: from simple completion to the complete takeover of entire production areas. The performance of the required quality or safety tests, such as functional, dimensional and torque tests, are part of our service portfolio.

In addition, we can offer you planning, scheduling, picking and storage of components and standard items, as well as packaging and labeling of the goods to be shipped.

Our competent team of project managers, engineers and technicians will develop customized production and logistics solutions for you and find the optimal balance between quality, cost reduction and process optimization.

Feel free to contact us.

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Outsourcing offers you these advantages

Reduce your cost structure in an investment-intensive area with us and create new cost flexibility in the event of capacity fluctuations.
By working with us, you are able to concentrate fully on your core competence.
By focusing, they increase their own flexibility and order just-in-time, increasing management capacity by freeing up resources.
They are given access to particularly specialized external resources and skills.

This is why you can trust in WIGGENtech

We transfer your portfolio to our existing production resources and manufacture your parts according to your requirements.
We support you in optimizing your production in terms of efficient manufacturing and profitability analogous to the needs of your products.
We are also happy to take over your machinery and integrate the equipment into our existing sites.
We handle the entire outsourcing process for you with full responsibility, incl. Shipping of equipment, material procurement and many other tasks.

From your basic decision to the system partnership

From the integration of man and machine to infrastructure planning and the re-qualification of your products: We take over the entire project and transfer planning for you.
This is done in a phase plan individually tailored to your project, which is continuously "tracked" together with you in the course of regular reviews. Thus, you have an exact status of your project at any time. We have trained experts for your project. Feel free to contact us!

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